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Cloud Firewalls


Cloud-based firewalls offer improved security and protection preventing unauthorized access to your private network and act as the first line of defense, specifically designed to combat the challenges associated with complex networks and systems.

The primary advantages of cloud-based firewalls are:

  • 99.99% availability and fully redundant power and armed when necessary.
  • Support by the by U.S.-based professionals at WHOA.
  • Cloud-based firewalls can be scaled to the needs of any business at any time.
  • Access to external authorized users, offering single or multiple paths of communication.

Standard Firewall

WHOA Networks is proud that we offer such an efficient and powerful cloud-based firewall as a standard service for all of our customers. We offer an impressive standard firewall to all of our customers as an included service, you will be empowered to control and manage your security as desired. Its customizability and flexibility make it a superb option for many different types of businesses.

Premium Firewall

The premium firewall has a number of extensive, cutting-edge features enabling applications based on users and groups, and flexible networking foundation facilitates integration into nearly any network. IPsec and SSL VPN deliver enterprise-wide connectivity, and dependable high-availability ensures that your network is always protected.


The next-generation cloud firewall allows organizations to first block unwanted applications i.e. social media and other non-work related applications that can make your network vulnerable to viruses, spyware, worms and other types of malware, and then scan the allowed applications for malware.


The WHOA Networks premium cloud-based firewall can ensure that SSL/SSH sessions are inspected in a safe and secure manner. Using policy-based decryption and inspection, administrators can ensure that SSL and SSH are being used for business purposes as opposed to propagation of threats or unauthorized data transfer.

Data Filtering

Feature-level control, file blocking by type, and data filtering features allow organizations to implement a range of policies that can help balance the use of personal or non-work related applications with the business and security risks associated with unauthorized file and data transfer.

Application Visibility

Leveraging the analysis and reporting tools, allow an administrator to quickly learn more about users and content traversing the network provides an organization with the power to quickly determine the associated risks and quickly respond.

WHOA Networks Support

The customizable features will further enhance your network, and give you the control to manage it for optimum performance and privacy. Regardless of which of our firewalls you select, we will work with you to make sure that you enjoy a secure business atmosphere in which you can work confidently.

If you would like more information on how we can create the perfect cloud firewall with the support of WHOA Networks, please complete our contact form or call us directly at (800)-226-4ABC.