Desktop as a Service

Advantages to Using ABC’s Desktop as a Service

Access your desktops from any device, from anywhere, and at any time.


Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, is a fancy IT term used to describe a service provided by many IT companies which allows you to build one virtual desktop that all of your company’s computers can use. There is a long list of advantages to using DaaS for your established or growing business. Here are just a few.

Save Time

The cliché that time is money is true, especially when it comes to business. When using Desktop as a Service, you can eliminate the time it takes for the IT team to update every desktop computer individually. Instead, there is one virtual desktop that is updated once, and all of the office computers are able to run the updated programs.

Save Money

It is estimated that DaaS costs about half of the cost of a traditional PC because it has a much longer lifespan, no local hard disk that could break and need repairing, and it uses a significantly smaller amount of energy to run. It also means that rather than paying for the updated version of various programs for every office computer, you can get just one upgrade for your virtual desktop.

Improve Security

Because Desktop as a Service doesn’t rely on the use of a hard drive, there’s no chance of the hard drive being hacked into. And because the information being stored isn’t kept on the office or personal computers of employees, theft or damage to those devices will not result in any loss of information. Additionally, there is no fear of viruses or other malware from getting into sensitive files that are stored on the virtual desktop because these likewise need a hard drive to work, which DaaS does not provide them with.

Work from Anywhere

With Desktop as a Service, employees can work from anywhere they have an internet connection. That means there’s no need to save files on USB sticks, which could potentially be lost or stolen. It also means that employees can stay connected with other employees to be able to work from home or while on the road, so the work doesn’t have to stop during travel.

Disaster Recovery Options

If some type of disaster does occur, ABC has strategies in place that will allow your company to get back up and running in hours rather than days as it would take with traditional data recovery options. With IT disasters, reducing your downtime is the key to reducing profit loss that occurs while your systems are down. ABC wants your business to avoid downtime by using their Desktop as a Service program which will provide you with all these advantages and more.