Get FREE VoIP phones


Keep your current phone numbers, switch your phone service to Hosted (Cloud based) VoIP, and get free phones ….. It’s that simple!

If you’re not familiar with Hosted VoIP, there’s no more local phone service to pay for and nothing to purchase.  The VoIP phones plug into your data network and all your phone calls are made and received through your internet service.

One low monthly payment covers it all including unlimited local and domestic long distance calls, unlimited efax, conference bridge, software upgrades, and user training.

Never Miss Another Phone Call

In the event your office had to be vacated, simply take your phones with you. VoIP phones can be used from anywhere that has Internet service.  You can have phones at any number of remote offices, home offices, etc.  If your Internet service is down, calls will still be answered by an Automated Attendant and/or routed to your cell phone.

In summary……
  • Nothing to purchase
  • Brand new Panasonic phones are free
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calls are free
  • Make and receive as many calls as phones you have
  • Free efax – no more paper, ink, and broken machines
  • Free nine party conference bridge
  • Free Voicemail to Email
  • Built In Disaster Recovery – work from anywhere
  • Never miss a phone call
  • No more phone system service contracts
  • No more phone system upgrades


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