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Microsoft Lync

Benefits of Hosted VoIP with Microsoft Lync


How Microsoft Lync Will Save Your Business Money

Microsoft Lync is a communication program that allows you to be in contact with customers, employees, and other businesses from wherever you are. There are many advantages to relying on Microsoft Lync for your company’s communication needs. Here are a few ways that they can help save your business money as they have for other businesses already.

Reduce Travel Expenses

For many businesses, travel expenses are unavoidable. However, by using Microsoft Lync video conferences, you can hold a video conference with multiple people without the need to travel. Video conferencing is a great way to bring everyone together, no matter how far apart they may be.

Reduce File Sharing Program Needs

If you’ve got a separate program that you use for sharing files within the company and with business partners and clients, Microsoft Lync can help you get rid of that other program by including a number of different file sharing options including desktop sharing, application sharing, and file transfers.

Reduce Lost Information

With Microsoft Lync, all the files that have been shared and the instant messaging conversations that have occurred can be saved and archived, which means streamlining your business and being able to pull up a previous conversation to see exactly what the client needed. Having all this in one place will help you quickly find information that you need to keep your business running smoothly and professionally.

Improve Client Relations

With the ability to choose video conferencing, voice-only calling, or instant messaging means meeting a client right where they are, and communicating with them how they are most comfortable. This means improving your client relations which will in turn improve you sales.

Improve Professionalism

Microsoft Lync can also help your company improve its professionalism. Since Microsoft Lync was designed specifically for businesses, it has a number of features that will help you appear more professional that using Skype, such as the Lync Meetings feature. Lync Meetings brings everything together into one amazing virtual meeting experience.

With Lync Meetings, you can video conference call with multiple people, share files during the meeting using OneNote and other applications, take polls, share PowerPoint presentations, record meetings, and create and schedule meetings. This allows you to save time which saves money by getting everything done in one place during the meeting.


How many times have you been in a video conference and agreed to send files or share specific information, and then forgotten to actually send over the information or had it not get to the other person for some reason? With Microsoft Lync, you can be send the information as soon as you mention it and be sure that they got it right then. For these reasons and more, you can save money with Microsoft Lync.

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